Join us Wednesday, November 10th from 12-1pm at the Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC) or on zoom for the November General Meeting.  

FOOD DRIVE: We are asking that every member and guest bring non-perishable food items to donate to the Missoula Food Bank. This drive is organized by Erin Steele with Flaherty Financial Services, will deliver all donated items to the Food Bank.

Since we are so close to the holidays, perhaps you have donations of Thanksgiving-themed non-perishable items in your pantry, such as cranberry sauce, gravy, canned vegetables, instant potatoes, and pie filling. These items can help set the table for a family in need.

We will also be taking cash and check donations made out to the Missoula Food Bank

Meet our Speaker: Amy Esp  
Amy is the owner and founder of Missoula Bookkeeper. She has built a career around creatively solving problems, taking an inkling of an idea and bringing it to life. She brings creativity, attention to detail, an innate desire to watch ideas flourish and thrives in an environment of collaboration, brainstorming and growth.

As small business owners, you are calling the shots and making the important choices, but it helps to have an ally that can see problem areas, offer unbiased advice and help you make choices that will lead to the most growth and fulfillment in your career.

Amy recognizes that for small business owners, business is personal and she wants to help you make smart choices for success in both areas. And when she’s not helping small business owners, she’s building her own tiny empire, spending time in the sunshine with her two on-the-go kiddos and scheming her next big thing.  

Getting Your Small Business Ready for the New Year: Taxes, Planning & Starting 2022 on the Right Foot.
As we go screaming into 3rd quarter with our hair on fire, I am going to offer you a roadmap to plan for year end. During the next month you have a little window before the holiday craziness hits and then “Holy crap, its 2022!” If you take the time now to do some prep, your holidays will be more enjoyable and the new year won’t bring the same old panic it normally does. We’ll talk through steps to end the year on a high note and be ready for 2022.  

LUNCH: We support locally owned businesses in Missoula for lunch and ask that you pay for lunch in advance so we have the correct amount for everyone. We plan for 25 lunches but if we know in advance, we are able to add to our order 24-hours prior to the General Meeting.

If you have a restricted diet and are not able to eat this month’s selection, feel free to bring your own lunch.

LUNCH MENU: Lunch will be available for $12.00, provided by Market on Front Street with the selections below on a FCFS basis. Lunch will also include chips, cookies and a drink.
Avocado BLT: Daily’s bacon, Tucker Family Farms Aurora cheese, avocado, tomatoes, arugula and garlic-herb aioli. Served on toasted whole wheat. (10 total quantity)

Vegan Avocado BLT: Vegan bacon, Plant Perks Sriracha Cheddar, avocado, roma tomatoes, spinach, and Market-made Veganaise. Served on toasted whole wheat bread. (5 total quantity)

Market Club: Shaved Boar’s Head smoked turkey, Daily’s bacon, Swiss cheese, avocado, roma tomatoes, pickled red onions, mixed greens, and garlic-herb aioli. Served on toasted whole wheat bread. (10 total quantity)

Remember to bring your business cards for networking and feel free to bring a door prize to promote your business. Don’t forget cash for our 50/50 raffle!  

Visitors are always welcome to attend our General Meeting before joining MBN so feel free to bring a friend who would like to see what our organization is all about!  

Due to the risk of COVID-19, the ZACC requires everyone to wear a mask. If you are unable to attend in person, you can attend via ZOOM or watch the recorded video on our website. Passcode:406