Karen Berg-DiGangi – President Elect  

My name is Karen Berg-DiGangi and president-elect of MBN. I’m 29 years old but feel like I’ve been in business my whole life. After college on the east coast, I spent close to a decade working in the travel industry making people’s international travel dreams come true while living on the east coast.

Pushing from part time assistant work to being the head of Product Development in a few short years, traveling the world to work international conferences or just to travel the world.   I moved to Montana over 4 years ago in hopes of new experiences. I would definitely say a new career, getting married, buying a home and having 4 dogs and 2 cats gave me just that.

Now working in real estate I’ve found my true calling. The people of this community made me a home I never dreamed of, and now I can help them find their own. Real estate is stressful, emotional and a lot to handle, and that’s why you have someone like me there to walk you through it.  

As president of MBN, I can’t wait to take my passion in business, east coast brashness and empathetic personality to help better and grow this amazing organization that has introduced me to so many wonderful ladies (even with COVID trying to deter it). Under the leadership of Megan Pfaff, I know I’ll be able to learn and grow over the next year to be in top form to take over her duties in 2022.

If you ever want to learn more about me, want to talk travel or discuss real estate, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out!  

Cheers, Karen