How to Lighten your Load and Lift your Spirit with Humor and Laughter presented by Lois McElravy, Lessons from Lois

The unpredictable swift pace of everyday normal life is challenging enough. When you add in the complexities imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, life feels even more burdensome and lonely than ever before. While laughter may be the best medicine, when dealing with life changing difficulties, we lose our ability to see the funny side of life because life doesn’t feel funny.  That’s when we are at risk for developing a deadly disease called ‘terminal seriousness.’

Lois McElravy is an expert on ‘terminal seriousness’ and how to use humor and laughter to cope with life changing difficulties. Her training started 30 years ago, when a careless driver violently crashed into the rear of her car and initiated Lois’ brain injury adventure. When people would spontaneously laugh about the absurd and comical situations that happened to her daily, they would say, “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you.” They never noticed that Lois was not laughing. When people would say, “One day you will laugh about this,” Lois honestly believed she would never laugh about those difficult and embarrassing moments, but she did. Who would have thought that years later she would get paid to travel across the United States and Canada to tell those stories to live audiences and teach them how to use humor for coping? If you are at risk for ‘terminal seriousness’ and want to learn how you can use humor and laughter to lighten your load and lift your spirit, please join us for the January MBN meeting.

Download the HANDOUTS for this meeting HERE.

Wednesday, January 27th 12-1pm (Passcode 406)