The Flying High Award exists to celebrate the extraordinary women who have made significant contributions to MBN and society.  These women help raise the standards and level of professionalism in business, while inspiring and mentoring future generations, laying the groundwork that encourages us all to strive for excellence.  It is awarded to two amazing women each year.  Nominations are received and voted upon by the Board.  Cindy Hart was the recipient in January.  We are super excited to announce our second Flying High Award Recipient.

This woman is what we would call a matriarch of MBN.  We are pretty sure she has been involved in some capacity or another since 1993.  She has given countless hours of her time and an abundance of her amazing energy to not only help the organization but to also help all of the members within it.  She has run multiple businesses in Missoula with great success, and has her daughter by her side. 

Her resiliency is like you’ve never seen in anyone before.  She bounced back from a medical issue quicker than humanly possible and hit the ground running as if nothing ever happened.  And she never stopped smiling, despite the hardships that were in front of her.  Talk about inspiring others to persevere and never give up!  Her contributions run deeper than she will ever realize.  She is a mom, grandmom, business owner, MBN board member, and a mover and shaker.  It is our utmost pleasure to announce Linda Baumann as our second Flying High winner of the year!  We can think of no one who deserves this more than she does!