Congratulations to Maryann Hubbard, the recipient of our Flying High Award! The Flying High Awards began in 2002, to celebrate the extraordinary women who have made significant contributions to the Missoula Businesswomen’s Network and our community. The MBN Awards Committee, chaired by the Past-President, has awarded over 50 members with the Flying High Award.

Maryann has been involved with our organization for many, many years and has held many roles within MBN, including being on the membership committee, being a chairperson organizing social events, participating as a board member, as well as being a sponsor for the women’s symposium, just to name a few. 

She has been an avid supporter of the Missoula YWCA for many years, including lending her time as a table captain for their annual fundraiser.  And she has been a trailblazer for women in business, growing one of the most successful Arbonne teams in Montana while mentoring many women to grow their business and achieve success. She has also helped bring grants and funding from Arbonne to support local charities and non-profits in the Missoula community.

Her Flying High Award nomination describes her in this way:

“Maryann has been a member of MBN for as long as I can remember. She always has a smile on her face and is always the first one to step up to help at MBN events. She makes every December meeting joyful in her elf costume! She can always be counted on to volunteer her time, especially at the General Meetings. Whether it’s greeting people at the door or handing out door prizes, she’s always there. And she can always be counted on to donate a door prize. She always has an understanding ear and spends more time listening to others than talking about herself. She has a calm and caring way about her that always makes others feel they matter. I know she has been involved in supporting the YWCA Missoula but I’m not familiar with all of her causes but know there are many. She truly cares about mentoring women and making a positive difference in the lives of others.”

And another colleague and dear friend notes the saying that “a person is remembered not by what they say, but how they make you feel,” and this person “makes you feel like you’re a friend right away.  She genuinely loves her career, her community and her family. “

It is truly our honor to present the MBN Fall 2021 Flying High Award to our friend … Maryann Hubbard!!