What is MBN?
The Missoula Businesswomen’s Network is a women’s social business networking group.  We bring like-minded women together for networking and friendships. MBN has also evolved into an online business platform designed for women owned businesses and women in business.

What do I receive with my membership?
When you join the MBN and become a member you will receive a spot in our meetings and social get-togethers where you have the ability to network and showcase your business. One member a month is drawn for the opportunity to be spotlight of the month where we will publish a questionnaire about you and your company.  All members have the opportunity to submit announcements on our social media.

What does it cost to join?
Our Basic Membership is $50/year and is on a recurring status. Premium memberships are $95/year and include your logo on the front page of our website.

Where do I join?
Go to the Join tab on our website or click here. Join MBN Today! – MBN (discovermbn.org)

Why should I join the MBN?
To network, build relationships and get your business found. We help drive traffic to your website and/or social media accounts. As well as adding searchable visibility to your brand. Promote your products, promotions, services, books, blogs, websites, events. Each member has the ability to build a very informational profile in our publicly accessible Member Directory.

How do I pay for my membership?
To pay for a MBN membership, go to the Join tab and complete a member join form. Once you complete that form, you will be directed to the payment page. After the payment is received you are entered into the system.

Can I change the business that I joined MBN under?
Your membership remains with your name, not with your business. So, if you change jobs or the name of your business, make sure to update your MBN profile and links.

Is there a business membership?

No, all memberships are under an individual so if there are several employees of the same business, they each join an each have a Directory Profile.

Can I get a refund if my business becomes inactive?
There are no refunds. If your you need to cancel your membership, you can cancel within your profile settings. However, MBN is a great place to network to find a new job!

Can I get involved with MBN, the organization?
Yes! We have MBN Board positions as well as Committee positions for things like events, marketing, financial and more. Ask the current president or any board member how you can get involved or send us an email at info@discoverMBN.org.

How long is my membership for?
All memberships auto-renew on July 1st of each year, the beginning of the MBN fiscal year. A new member can join anytime, and the membership will be pro-rated. On July 1st, it will renew at the full price. Membership fees are non-refundable once they are processed.

What happens at a General Meeting?
The monthly General Meeting takes a place from 12-1pm on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the Zootown Arts Community Center in the Showroom. We gather to network and learn. The meetings are planned by the current MBN President. You can find updated info for each meeting on our website, Facebook and Instagram. Some meetings will have speakers, some will have community service opportunities, and all will have networking. We have lunch catered and try to announce the menu in advance. You can purchase lunch online for $15 (in advance) or bring your own!

How do I create my listing in the MBN Member Directory?
After you sign up, you can click on your profile under the round icon which will be on the top of the right side of the website whenever you are logged in.  Once you click on it, you will see your dashboard.

Can I attend events if I am not a member?

Absolutely. If an event sounds interesting to you, then we’d love to invite you to attend as a guest.  Non-members are required to purchase admission at the regular rate.  If you’d like to enjoy the member rate, please become a member and click HERE to join.