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Welcome from your n...
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Welcome from your new President!

Dawn McCloney
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Greetings to my MBN friends – both old and new!! I am excited to be your new MBN President for the next several months, and have many ideas I hope to share soon.

However, thanks to Covid-19, we are still in a bit of holding pattern for face-to-face meetings. BUT … that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can do to reach out to one another in other ways 😊

Here are a couple of ways to start:

  1. First and foremost: Make sure you have registered as a member for the upcoming year! It’s still the best price in town for a networking group at only $50 for the year, and if there is one thing Covid has taught us, there is a LOT we can do online, so I’m hoping our website will become a great location for helpful information for our members. Make sure you remain one of them!
  2. Next, update your profile with a good picture of you and any other pertinent info: where you work, any social media links, etc. This is a fantastic first place members will look – make sure you are making a good impression.
  3. Because we can’t meet in person, we also can’t do our table introductions or our 60-second “elevator” pitches. BUT … you CAN record a video of you giving your pitch and add it to your profile, perhaps as a YouTube link. Tell our members what you do and why YOU should be their “go-to” person for the product you offer. I’ve created a simple sample of this, so check out my YouTube post on my profile page.
  4. Support our other members by using their services. Not sure who offers the service you need? The Search tool on our Membership Directory tab can help, but using less-specific terms might yield better results. And as with many search engines, you might try a couple of different search topics to make sure you are getting what you need.
  5. STAY TUNED!!   We hope to have more information soon and we don’t want you to miss out 😉

Stay happy. Stay healthy. And we’ll be ‘together’ soon!

Dawn McCloney

MBN President 2020-2021

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Linda Baumann
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Joined: 2 years ago

Thank you Dawn! Looking forward to a new year!!