Morgan Slemberger, Director of UM’s Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program

Join our next MBN General Meeting to learn about The University of Montana’s collaboration with the Montana Technology Enterprise Center (MonTEC) to launch the Women’s Business Center in January. We will hear more from Morgan Slemberger, Director of UM’s Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership program, as well as Jason Nitschke, Vice President at Great Falls Development Authority and Small Business Development Center Regional Director for the Great Falls region, who will be available to answer questions about the Center’s services. Tonya Plummer, Executive Director of Montana Native Growth Fund, is another key partner who will try to join us.

Missoula is one of only twenty cities across the country to be chosen to receive one of these centers in what is seen as the largest expansion of women’s business centers by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) in 30 years. The Missoula center will host business counseling, programs, and training for women entrepreneurs and business owners statewide. The most exciting piece is the collaboration between Fort Belknap, Great Falls, and Missoula. This center will focus on supporting a network of women business owners who are diverse in geography, but share a common goal of starting or expanding a business.

“The spirit of this decentralized, culturally empowered approach is truly unique and inclusive by design, affording us opportunities and outreach we might not have had if limited to one location,” adds Plummer. According to Slemberger, women entrepreneurs have long faced challenges launching and maintaining successful businesses – challenges made even greater in technologically sparse states like Montana, where many incomes fall below the nationwide average in the state, further making it difficult to access business resources.  Despite the challenges, however, Slemberger has said women-owned businesses in Montana are on the rise, and the new Women Business Center aims to support this growth by creating financial independence for women across the state, which will help sustain and grow the state’s economy. To learn more about the MonTEC Women’s Business Center, visit these recent articles below.

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