My business is Express Employment Professionals. We are on a mission to connect job seekers to Missoula employers looking for qualified candidates. We advertise, recruit, interview, test and match qualified job seekers to companies searching for talent.

Express is unique because we don’t sell a product, it doesn’t have a warranty or receipt. We deal with people. I like to say we are “Matchmakers” because that’s truly our job—to take someone’s talents and skills and match them with a company who could utilize them. I was raised in this business! I started full time at 17 after graduating high school early, I worked in and out of college and then came back to Missoula my senior year to graduate and start work.

I thank Brene Brown and Rachel Hollis for molding me into the person I am from their reading, podcasts and videos. But the piece of advice Brene Brown stated that I won’t ever forget is, “Strong back, soft front, wild heart.” I think it is so important to be a leader with boundaries, but also be the leader that can level with your employees, that they feel comfortable approaching. And most of all, show your wild side, show your heart because it will come back to you and being vulnerable with the people who see you most is crucial to business and success as a team.